Sample Restricted Stock Unit Agreement

This restricted Stock Unit Agreement (the "agreement") attests to the granting of limited share units ("RSUs") by A123 Systems, Inc., a Delaware company (the "Company"), 20 (the "Grant Date") (the "participant") of limited share units ("RSUs") which confers on the participant the right to [Common Stock") common shares, with a face value of $0.001 (The grant is subject to the terms set out in this agreement and in the company`s 2009 incentive plan as amended (the "plan"). (i) change of control, (ii) the date of implementation of the original written agreement or instrument for changing control, or (iii) the date of adoption of a decision by the Board of Directors; , which provides for the modification of the control, are substantially incompatible for the modification of the control; c) Just before any change in control (as defined below), 100% of the number of unre transferred RSUs should be transferred. "change of control," the sale of all or most of the company`s capital stock, assets or activity by merger, consolidation, sale of assets or by any other means (other than a transaction in which any legal person or, for the most part, all legal persons and all companies that were directly before this transaction are advantageously owned after this transaction , more than 50% of outstanding securities that, directly or indirectly, have the right to vote for the choice of directors of the resulting capital company, surviving or acquiring in such a transaction). This grant of RSUs fully fulfills all of the company`s obligations to the participant with respect to the issuance of shares, stock options or other stock security. With the effect of [[GRANTDATE]] (the "Grant Date"), [[FIRSTNAME]] [[LASTNAME]] (the "participant") became part of the Ambac Financial Group, Inc. Incentive Compensation Plan (the "Incentive Plan") and in accordance with LTIP`s (Ambac Financial Group) long-term compensation plan (LTIP), in the form of an incentive plan in addition to the terms of the incentive plan and the LTIP, the arbitration award is subject to the following conditions (sometimes referred to as the "agreement"). Time or (5) the participant violated any essential provision of any secrecy, transfer of invention, non-competition or similar agreement between the participant and the company and, if cured, did not cured this violation after proper notification of the company; or (b) the conviction or registration of a candidate of guilt or Nolo by the participant, a crime with a moral turpitude or a crime. 13. Full agreement; Changes in the letter Partial disability; Labels. This premium agreement is the whole agreement between the company and you regarding the object.