Sage Agreement Meaning

"Personal data" has the meaning defined in the respective addendum of data protection; 6.1 At your fair request and subject to the conclusion of an appropriate confidentiality agreement by you (and any external auditor), we become: 6.1. At your reasoned request and subject to the conclusion of a confidentiality agreement, we become: 6.1.1. Provide you with the reasonably necessary information to prove compliance with subcontractor agreement obligations in accordance with data protection legislation; 6.1.2. Subject to the limitations set out in paragraph 6.3 below, you (or an independent external expert you have mandated) authorize the audit, including inspection, of our processing of relevant data in accordance with the Agreement and contribute to that review, unless you accept that there is nothing in this paragraph 6.1 that compels us to violate a duty of discouragement towards a third party. 4.4.7 Use the platform: (a) to send spam, duplicate or unsolicited messages in violation of applicable laws and/or regulations; (b) sending or storing material that violates the rights of third parties; (c) material containing viruses, worms, Trojans or other malicious computer codes, files, scripts, agents or programs; (d) in a manner that compromises or disrupts the integrity, security, availability or performance of the platform; and (e) for other illegal or illegal purposes, including the violation of the intellectual property rights of third parties. 9.1. We can use relevant data and other data to produce statistical reports within services for our own use; For example, showing what are the most popular features among users, which functions are problematic, for calibrating performance in an aggregated form and/or for insight. We can use it to improve services, add new features and features, and give you insight. You accept and authorize our access and use of relevant data for these purposes and agree that our use of relevant data is legitimate, necessary and proportionate, as this has only a limited impact on you and the benefits you and your users will gain through product enhancement and improvement. For more information, including our legitimate interests in the analysis, please see our privacy statement at

"Data Protection Laws," any applicable South African law and regulation regarding the use or processing of personal data, including the Personal Data Protection Act, 2013 ("POPIA"), all national laws transposing or supplementing or replacing the above and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 ("DSGVO"); "responsible party," "person concerned," "personal data," "processing," "operator," "pseudonymization" and "supervisory authority" have the meaning given to them in data protection legislation and the term "control authority" is considered the information regulator in South Africa. In the event that two or more conflicting provisions regulating the processing of personal data apply, the provision prevails over the protection of the person concerned; Identity theft and phishing practices are a major concern for Perspecteev. One of Perspecteev`s top priorities is to protect information to help protect you from identity theft. Perspecteev will not ask you for your social security number or national identification number by phone, email, text message or any other means. 1.1 In these circumstances, the following terms have the following meaning: In the event of disagreement or dispute, you must prove that you have properly fulfilled your obligations under these Terms and Conditions of Use.