Product Reseller Agreement (Pro-Reseller)

a. Delivery. After receiving a fully executed order form, Sonatype delivers the products electronically to the company (or at the request of the dealer and after Sonatype`s agreement directly to the dealer), in accordance with Sonatype`s delivery and procedure procedures for end customers. The Terms of Use specify the terms and conditions of use of the Site and Services. This reseller agreement (this "service contract") governs your use of GoDaddy`s "reseller programs" to sell certain GoDaddy products and services (the "services") to your own customers. The wholesale terms that are used in this service contract but are not defined are defined in the agreement. Products are commercial computer software designed entirely at private costs. If the user or licensee of the products is or becomes an agency, department or other agency of the U.S. government: the use, reproduction, reproduction, disclosure, modification, disclosure, disclosure or transfer of products or any related documentation, including technical data and manuals, is limited by a licensing agreement or by the terms and conditions of this agreement for civil purposes, in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation 12.212 and the General Regulations of the Federal Defence Supplement 227.7202 for military purposes. Any other use is prohibited.

b. Restrictions. The reseller: (i) will allow third parties to access the products, unless the agreement authorizes it, (ii) to modify, translate, reconstruct, decompil, decompil, decompil, create derivative works or copy the products or attempt to obtain or otherwise use the product`s source code or non-public APIs; except to the extent permitted by law (and only after written notification prior to Sonatype), (iii) remove, modify or conceal ownership instructions, labels or marks on some or part of the products, (iv) the integrity or performance (v) use the products for the good of third parties, including the use of products to work as a service office, ASP , or hosting service, (vi) try to gain unauthorized access to products or associated systems or networks, vii) to access products or allow access to products to monitor their availability, performance or functionality, or to access or use the products for other calibration or competition purposes, and/or viii, to (A) create a competitive product or service (B) copy all functions, functions or graphics or graphics; or (C) discard, collect or compile application component identifiers from a repository or data source to create a repository to be used by the retailer and/or company separately from the products.