Oak Park River Forest High School Collective Bargaining Agreement

The contract also reduces an orientation period of 15 minutes per day for all students. Fortunately, it was an idea that was raised by the faculty. For each of its four years, each student is assigned to a single teacher for orientation. It will be a mix of students from all years and, if they are well executed, they will provide a safe space to connect with other students and a trusted adult, to talk about all the things that make secondary life, the specific OPRF, a challenge and an opportunity. That would be "America to Me" contribution to the new contract. OPRF has regularly hosted community conferences and several charitable fundraisers that have often attracted notable people. On the evening of November 9, 1936, a conference by first lady Eleanor Roosevelt was held at the school. [46] And if you are a taxpayer passionate about true justice, and I believe that teacher contracts are where the aspirations of a school system must be remembered, this is the best and most ambitious contract that our high school remembers. Oak Park and River Forest High School District 200 believe that we can become "a model of justice and excellence that is constantly improving and allowing all students to reach their full potential." We can do this through dedicated teachers, staff and administration, who build relationships with students and have high expectations for themselves and their students. We believe in planning and providing the academic and development assistance students need to meet these expectations. We also believe that every student can learn by showing difficult academic content, feedback during learning, and the teacher`s knowledge and skills. Essential tasks: (other tasks may be delegated). 1.

Keep detailed records of student attendance.2. Manage classroom behaviour to ensure safety and optimal educational benefits for students.3 Create and implement student-centered lessons tailored to the curriculum, World Readiness standards and Core Common National Standards.4