Jetbrains Account Agreement

10.11. Children and minors. If you are under the age of 18, by entering into this agreement, you expressly state that (i) you are authorized to enter into this agreement or that you have the valid consent of a parent or legal guardian and (ii) you understand JetBrains` privacy policy, available at: You cannot make this deal if you are under the age of 13. IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS SECTION, DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE JETBRAINS PRIVACY POLICY, OR DO NOT KNOW THAT YOU HAVE THE LEGAL ABILITY TO ACCEPT THESE TERMS, PLEASE ASK YOUR PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN FOR HELP. Some of the products may contain decompilation functions that allow the source code to be reproduced from the original binary code. They recognize that binary and source code can be protected by copyright and trademark laws. Before using these products for decompilation purposes, you agree to ensure that the decompilation of the binary code is not prohibited by the corresponding license agreement or that you have obtained permission to decompilate the binary code of the copyright holder. The use of the products is completely optional. JetBrains does not promote or tolerate the use of products for decompilation purposes, nor does jetBrains disclaim any responsibility for their use by the user in violation of applicable laws.

2.8. "JetBrains Account" or "JBA" refers to an account created by, a unique name and a unique password, which allows user subscriptions and toolbox management and/or access to products in accordance with a toolbox subscription. 2.3. "JetBrains Account" or "JBA" refers to a user-created account that has a unique name and password and allows the user to access JetBrains products and the jetBrains account service. 4.4. Due to the nature of the services provided, the use of JetBrains account services is subject to this agreement, the agreement on the JetBrains website, which is available at, and the purchase terms available 5.3. When using JetBrains account services, you must provide JetBrains with personal data such as the information mentioned in point 5.2.