Hud Regulatory Agreement Section 50

Personality also includes all tangible and intangible personal property used for health care (e.g.B important mobile equipment and systems), accounts, licenses, bed authorities, certificates of need necessary for the operation of the hospital and for obtaining benefits and reimbursements under provider agreements with Medicaid, Medicare, public and local programs, payments from health insurers and other aids to suppliers ("receivables"); all authorizations, instruments, rents, rental rights and contracts and contracts for the rental of equipment with regard to the use, operation, maintenance, repair and improvement of the hospital. As a general rule, intangible assets also include all cash deposit funds, such as: B., but are not limited to amortization reserve or mortgage reserve fund accounts, bank accounts, residual bonus accounts, all contributions, donations, gifts, grants, legacies and endowment funds of donors, as well as all other income and receivables paid or paid from any source. All persons are securitized with corresponding UCC submissions and all excluded persons are indicated in the regulatory agreement. The most recent audited financial statements refer to the audited financial statements required for the previous fiscal year under the regulatory agreement. HFA cannot assign the regulatory agreement. The Borrower agrees to provide the full amount of the outstanding amount of capital advanced under the Loan Deed, as well as all accrued but unpaid interest, on the 55th anniversary of the date of registration of the Regulatory Agreement or a later date that may be approved in writing by the Ministry at its discretion (the "Maturity Date"). (10) provide books and records, with appropriate notification, for verification by huD or the General Accounting Office (GAO). (7) Keep complete books and records exclusively for the project. The following provisions contain provisions that may automatically be extinguished when the loan is no longer insured or is held by HUD: If any of the provisions of the deed of organization is contrary to the provisions of the HUD insurance note, the hedging instrument or the hud supervisory authority ("HUD loan documents"), the provisions of the HUD loan documents are reviewed. (b) requirements. The regulatory agreement shall require the Mortgagor to comply with the provisions of that Party and to oblige the Mortgagor, inter alia: (5) to comply with the other requirements set by the HFA and defined in the Regulatory Agreement. .

. .