Dutchess Community College Transfer Agreements

St. Thomas Aquinas College – Students with a cumulative AMP of 3.4 are entitled to a scholarship of 50% of their tuition fees if they are members of this national honor society for community students and maintain their high academic standard. SUNY Oswego collaborates with many universities to ensure that transfer students have a successful and smooth transition to Oswego through our Dual Enrollment, General and Specific Program to Program Agreements. We also stick to SUNY`s seamless Transfer Policy, which allows suny students to transfer benefits for admissions, transfer credits, joint foundations, transfer trajectories, and articulation agreements. The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) is dedicated to building partnerships with two-year and community colleges offering programs that align with CALS` mission. Articulation agreements are an important way to do this. An articulation agreement coincides with the course work between schools and aims to help students smoothly transition to CALS. Transfer 101 – We now provide video transfer 101 to provide you with this information at the best time. Be sure to submit your 101 Transfer Video Survey in order to be considered for transfer scholarship 101. If you have any questions, you can call 845-431-8600 or email act@sunydutchess.edu. The following links show the courses at each university that meet the course work required by CALS for transfer students.

Contact your institution`s transfer advisor for more information. All accepted transfer students will be considered during the evaluation process for university scholarship applications. For a legitimate student who shows up with an AMP of 2.50 and maintains it, scholarships start at 25 percent of tuition, after all federal/state grants and other scholarships have been applied for. A student with a higher AMP can receive up to 50 percent of the teaching. Transfer scholarship program for full-time students on the basis of gpa. These scholarships range from $3,000 to $11,500 and are awarded at the time of first admission to the university. To determine your eligibility for a scholarship, send a message to admissions@dc.edu. Add your cumulative university amptery and indicate whether you will be living on campus or at home. If you want to get a bachelor`s degree, we will help you! Here at Dutchess, our ACT coaches will help you make informed decisions about senior colleges and help you in the next steps of admission.

Our goal is to make the transfer process smooth for our students. Throughout the year, ACT offers programming and information sessions on articulation conventions and senior colleges. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (transfer students are assessed for a transfer scholarship after applying for fafsa. PTK scholarships are available. You can find external scholarships here.) Our next transfer show will be on November 12th….