Covid 19 Roommate Agreement

The most important aspect of any relationship, especially for life with someone, is communication. It is important to start your experience as a roommate with a solid open communication base. This minimizes initial problems and at the same time can be used as a useful method to deal with problems. Knowledge of these fundamental aspects of communication can flatten the path to a happy and healthy living situation. The patient, his roommates and his close contacts must isolate themselves – limit as much as possible their use of shared spaces. You should make close friends, that they can`t live together. It`s better to save a friendship than to force a living order. If you and your roommates have made an honest but unsuccessful effort, you may decide that you cannot live together. It may be better to separate than to continue to live in an uncomfortable situation.

An uncomfortable living situation can lead to a decrease in school attendance, the end of homework and health. Before concluding, you should consult an external source such as your RA or RD [if you are in Biola housing], a trusted friend, teacher or other responsible person who can help you work through difficulties and transitions. This discussion guide will help you start the conversation with your roommates about COVID. First, by helping you identify and understand your concerns. If you know what you`re worried about, you can communicate more effectively with your roommates. Talk to your roommates and fill out the form together, based on rental/utility prices and other agreements. This form is designed as a template and must be completed accordingly. It is decided (" "I`m going to be a no-go-like" "I`m going to be a no-go-like" You can customize this or create your own. One way or another, we advise you to start the conversation with your roommates as soon as possible, so there is time to discuss these issues before moving in.