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No no. Some "moral rights" were granted to authors in 1988 by the United Kingdom Copyright Designs and Patents Act. In the United Kingdom, an author`s "right of paternity" and the right of credit, when the work is published (or recorded or disseminated), requires that this right be invoked in writing. When copyright is awarded, an author does not lose his or her other property rights. Thus, the authors themselves reserve the right to reproduce their own work in each volume of which the author is the publisher or author subject to confirmation and quotation. Authors associated with the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) and the Beijing Union Medical College (PUMC) can now publish open access in Taylor and Francis magazines at a discounted price. This agreement includes articles published in open access magazines, including Cogent OA, as well as authors who wish to do their articles in Open Select (hybrid) open access titles. The offer is also available for researchers who wish to convert previously published articles to open access at a later date. This three-year "Read-Publish" agreement covers the cost of publishing in open access for articles by Ohio State authors in Taylor and Francis magazines.

The Ohio University community also has continuous access to Taylor and Francis` collection of more than 2,300 magazines. Learn how to publish your Open Access research with this agreement with Ohio State University. Talk to your librarian to find out if your institution is part of the agreement. Learn more about the UNIT agreement for reading and publishing. Under this agreement, the authors concerned can apply for funding from participating Austrian institutions, including those with the support of the Scientific Fund (FWF), for the publication costs of the Open Access in Taylor – Francis Open Select (hybrid journal). Authors associated with a University of California campus, including the Berkeley Lab, are entitled to a discount on the standard APC to open their access to the paper in each Journal Taylor -Francis, Routledge or Cogent OA. Learn more about the California Digital Library Agreement and how it works. In some cases, the copyright is held by the author`s employer, for example. B of the British crown or the U.S. government, where there are no access restrictions, and the paper is displayed as being in the copyright of the Crown or the U.S.

government. It is important that authors ensure that the required licences are guaranteed by these employers as soon as a document has been adopted for publication. Copyright Option Distribution Works Derivatives Adaptation of translation Translation Original Commercial Reuse Author credited even Licence for Secondary Works Used For Secondary Works Attribution NOT NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES NON-commercial attribution (CC BY-NC) YES (non-commercial) YES (non-commercial) YES (non-commercial) YES (non-commercial) YES (non-commercial) YES YES (non-commercial) Non-commercial products (CC BY-NC-ND) YES (non-commercial) NO NO NO NO