Agreement Registration Process

I have already paid the stamp duty – the registration fee of 2.59,900 in agreement for the sale bought on the resale apartment, but the bank wants to be sold. My lump sum cost is 38.20,000/- market value – 36.16,000, which will be the fee I will have to pay for the execution of sales. The Flat welcomes you to Grampanchayat. Signatories should have their identity. Documents accepted for this purpose include the Aadhaar card, the PAN card or any other proof of identity issued by a government agency. Signatories must also give authority to authority when they represent someone else. When a company is a party to the agreement, the representative of the company must carry with it appropriate documents, such as power and power, as well as a copy of the decision of the company`s board of directors authorizing it to make the registration. A property in India may be acquired by Indian citizens, NRIs or a person of Indian origin (no citizens of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China, Nepal and Iran). The registration of property or land registry in India is subject to the provisions of Section 17 of the Registration Act, 1908. The law applies to the whole country, with the exception of the state of Jammu-Kashmir. The main purpose of the law is to ensure that information on all transactions is correct and that legitimate property/land records are maintained. The registration process involves the production of stamp duty and payment of the registration fee required for the deed of sale and has legally registered the documents with your local sub-registry. The process depends on whether the property is purchased directly by a developer or whether it is the secondary sale of the property.

In the latter case, the procedure may include stamp duty and the registration of the transfer file. Visit this link – It`s an obvious question that may come to mind, as there are different legal document sites available. In fact, there are several reasons for the election of legaldocs. Some of them are reputation in the market, past satisfied customers and yes authenticity. If you don`t want to face expensive service charges, you need to do this It is certainly the most affordable and effective online platform that can help you make an online lease. See also: Frequently asked questions about the registration of real estate in India Documents requiring registration must be submitted within four months of their execution, as well as the required registration fee. If you do not register the contract to sell a property, you can take a big risk. Any document that must be registered but not registered cannot be admitted as evidence in a court of law. what is The lawyer fees to prepair registered sales agreement to sir Nagpur I am the buyer ..

my owner is not ready to transfer the pcntda real estate process and he has completed the sale process and now he does not want to sell the property…. my bank had issued twice dd on his behalf…. and he decided to make the deal… so this case will be in my favor or the owners in favor of the transfer of ownership is a complex process. For buyers of real estate, it is important to know that a buyer must pay certain fees for the transfer of property in the form of a stamp duty and also for registration. I bought an apartment from a seller (assignment contract) who has not yet registered the property. The seller bought it for 70 lakes from the owner, but I bought it at 80 lakes from the seller. The challenge agreement has been certified notarized. Based on the reference value, the basic tax is 74 lakes.