10-K Material Agreements

(A) all management contracts or compensations, contracts or agreements; including plans for options, guarantees or rights, pension, retirement or deferred compensation or compensation, inducement or interest (or, if not in a formal document, a written description of it), in which a director or one of the registrant`s senior managers covered in point 402(a) (3) (no. 229.402 a) (3) is considered to be considered essential and presented; and any other administrative contract or compensation plan, contract or other agreement involving any other executive agent of the registrant is to be submitted, unless it is negligible or negligible. (D) all essential leases in which part of the property indicated in the registration statement or report is held by the registrant. (iii) Include qualified person estimates of marginal grades on the basis of assumed costs for thought or commodity companies and commodity prices, which provide a reasonable basis for determining the economic exploitation prospects of mineral resources. The qualified person must disclose the price used for each product and explain, with a particular specificity, the reasons for the use of the chosen price, including the essential assumptions underlying the selection. This explanation should include the indication of the timing used to estimate the price of raw materials and the unit cost of estimating marginal notes, as well as the reasons for the selection of this period. The qualified person may use a contracted price, provided the price is reasonable, and the qualified person announces that he or she is using a contract price when using the price used; 1. I have reviewed the prospectus relating to [the securities of all securities whose offer and sale are registered] (the "securities") and I am aware, on all essential points, of the following characteristics: the characteristics of the securitized assets that form the basis of the offer (the "securitized assets"), the securitization structure and all the underlying transaction agreements essential , as described in the prospectus; 3. To my knowledge, the prospectus and other information are contained in the registration statement of which it is an integral part, in all respects, the characteristics of the securitized assets, the securitization structure and the risks associated with the ownership of the securities, including the risks associated with securitized assets, which would affect free cash flow for payments or distributions on securities on their terms; and the final version reflects two substantial changes to the proposal.